Normale basislaag

Normale basislaag


Looking for a long-lasting gel wear with radiant results? We have gel primer, top coat for you!

Base Coat - the perfect base for the ultimate gel manicure, with a delicate micro-fine, velvety soft matte finish

Normal Base Coat is Versatile: Compatible with any brand of gel polish, poly gel and UV/LED nail lamps.

Our gel base and top coats are long-lasting and fast-curing - the perfect at-home formula for professional manicurists to last up to 3 weeks.

Miracle Gummy Nail Apex Universal Base Uv Gel, is the favorite base and top coat of nail professionals and nail salons because of their top-of-the-line formula.

Stemming veranderende basis gel nagellak

Introductie van onze innovatieve stemmingsveranderende basisgellak - een revolutionair product dat naadloos de functies van een basislaag en een kleurgelgolish combineert. Deze geavanceerde formule reageert op temperatuurveranderingen, overstap tussen levendige tinten en naakttonen als aanvulling op elke stemming en gelegenheid.

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3812L basisgel

The gel polish base is a product that acts as a layer between the nail art and the nail plate. The base should be used when working with three-phase gel nail polishes, as it prevents them from sticking to their own pots.

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2816 Basisgel - HOT SALE

Missgel 2816 is a specially formulated gel-polish adhesion base that creates an adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel polish while not damaging the nail plate.

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3839L basisgel

3839L is a soak off gel base coat that will strengthen your gel nails, preventing premature lifting after application. It is 100% free of formaldehyde and with no strong odor.

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