Geen veeg toplaag

Geen veeg toplaag


It is normal for the base coat and color gel to be a little sticky after curing, which will make the adhesion between the nail and the glue layer better. do not worry. No Wipe Top Coat will seal it.

No Wipe Top Coat has wear-resistant properties that, when used correctly, can make your gel last over 28 days. Flexible Top Coat Gel Nail Polish Leaves Your Nails Shiny and Shine Free from Scratches, Chips and Smudges

Made with upgraded formula, No Wipe Top Coat can keep nail polish without scratching problem, give you long-lasting mirror-smooth finish, let you apply easily, suitable for beginners DIY gel nail designs at home.

No Wipe Top Coat is highly compatible, suitable for all brands of soakable gel nail polish. Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.

Super glanzende toplaag gel 3149T

Krijg de hoogste glans van Missgel's nieuwe ultra-glanzende, spiegelachtige 3149T top-jasgel. Onze "glinsterende" no-wip-top jas-gel Poolse formule levert 5 weken chip-resistente, niet-toestemming briljante glans.

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3133 Geen veeggeharde toplaag

This low-viscosity top coat is the main recommended product, with high transparency and no bubbles, making it the best choice for many types of nail art.

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3109 Lage viscositeit Geen veegbare toplaag

The 3109 no wipe top coat is the perfect way to finish your gel manicure. The ultra durable layer prevents chipping, peeling, and cracking for four weeks without a sticky layer.

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3102-11 Medium viscositeit No wipe top coat

3102-11 is a top coat without a sticky layer. It has a medium consistency, so it does not flow on the side rollers and ideally distributed on the surface of the nail plate.

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