Bovenlaag afvegen

Bovenlaag afvegen


Top Coat has a strong adhesion performance base gel that adheres well to nails and color gels; the top coat has a long-lasting mirror gloss top gel that maintains a high gloss finish for 14-21 days with proper application.

Natural product, patented formula. Made of natural resins and ingredients, the core ingredients are from Germany, non-toxic, low odor, skin-friendly. The product with the lowest odor on the market, reducing your discomfort during the manicure process, bringing you health and beauty.

Topcoat Notes: Super abrasion resistant. The formula has been upgraded, and it is not afraid of scratches. Incredibly smooth, super fast drying and long lasting. Drying should be done under UV LED lamps.

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Wipe Off Top Coat Gel is a safe and environment-friendly exquisite gel nail polish. Our gel is made of non-toxic ingredients, safe and low odor. The color will be bright and never fade.

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Once you've finished your gel manicure, there is one last step that is to use a lint-free wipe along with high concentration alcohol to wipe off the tacky layer from the top coat, you will have a glossy finish!

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3849 Afveegbare toplaag met lage viscositeit - Nieuw

With the 3849, you can achieve a super strong and ultra-shiny gel top coat. This new top coat gives superior shine for up to 4 weeks.

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