Achieve stunning nail extensions with our professional-grade nail extension gels. As a trusted poly nail gel manufacturer, we offer builder gels in bulk sizes like 1kg, 5kg for convenience. Our polygel nail kit wholesale options provide all the essentials for perfect polygel applications.


We specialize in private label acrylic poly gels and private label nail extension services. Count on us as your go-to gel nail extension supplier for wholesale polygel nail kits and poly gel wholesale orders.


Our innovative formulas include traditional builder gels, brush-on builder gels, and builder in a bottle (BIAB) gels for sculpting nail extensions. We also offer premium polygels and acrylic gels in both solid, sheer, glitter, mood-changing, glow-in-the-dark, light-changing formulas.


From our gel nail factory to customized private label solutions, we have all your nail extension gel needs covered. Partner with us as your trusted wholesale nail product vendor for unbeatable quality and value.

Anti-stick-to-hand solid Builder Gel

Missgel's num-stick hand Solid Builder Gel is de perfecte oplossing voor probleemloze en vlekkeloze nagelverlengingen. Met zijn unieke kenmerken en hoogwaardige formulering is deze gel een favoriet geworden onder nageltechnici en enthousiastelingen.

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3915T borstel-op bouwergel

De lage viscositeit vloeibare bouwergel maakt snellere toepassing mogelijk, creëert perfecte nagelverlengingen zonder de verbranding en de hoge hardheid is ideaal voor het knijpen van een perfecte C-curve.

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Duidelijke poly nagelgel

Hij is een gemakkelijke oplossing voor thuis voor nagels van salonkwaliteit. Deze reukloze, hoogwaardige polygel-formule is ontworpen voor beginners en is perfect voor het bereiken van schade-resistente nagels die meer dan 4 weken duren zonder te chippen of te tillen. Onze duidelijke Polygel-kit bevat alles wat u nodig hebt om prachtige, natuurlijk ogende nagelverlengingen thuis te vormen. De anti-aanbak borstel zorgt voor een eenvoudige, vlekkeloze toepassing elke keer.

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3908/3909 acrylgel

Produced by China's first Acryl gel factory, these extensions are painless, paperless and easy to use. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles.

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3909A Glitters Acryl Gel

The 3909A Glitter Acryl Gel for Nail Art is designed to provide a long-lasting nail art. It's easy to apply and remove, and won't damage your nails. Try it today!

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3909GN-GB Stemmingsveranderende & Glow in the Dark acrylgel

Our hot product poly gel comes with two effects: mood changing and glow in the dark. It is packed with playful glitter and a shimmer powder to glam up your look, perfect for every occasion.

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3908E-TM heldere acrylgel

This top-quality acryl poly gel nail polish is highly transparent with color and can be used to extend, harden nails, repairing and French manicures.

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3909A-CSGY Stadslichten

Why choose the gel nail polish? It is the most modern form of nail fashion, based on the international fashion color design. The acryl gel is the most modern method, even a beginner can model ideal nails.

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3909GN-WZ Micro Diamond glanzende acrylgel

Want to add a delicate touch to your style? This glitter poly gel is packed with micro reflective powders and sparkly colored glitters it can flares up with bright lights, creating a stunning effect like a diamond.

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1278C Jelly Builder Gel

Our products are great and make our clients satisfied. Considering our Jelly Builder Gel, it is an ideal choice for a manicure.

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1279C High Viscosity Builder Gel

A professional formula that is formulated for nail art, our 1279C Builder gel is a premium nail product with a bright and shiny finish that dries quickly.

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1280C Medium Viscositeit Builder Gel

Nail art is timeless, festive, and fun! Our gel builder gel is a great option. Instruct a friend to create beautiful nail designs with our 1280C Jelly Builder Gel.

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